Gettysburg United Methodist Church

Celebrating 200+ Years of Methodism in Gettysburg!


Welcome to the fellowship of Gettysburg United Methodist Church.

We gather to give praise and thanks to the One who has given us Christ Jesus, and through him, all things.

Our goal is to rejoice in the presence of the Lord before we begin a new week, to support one another in prayer and to challenge one another to live as people of God in our homes, offices, shops, factories, schools and playgrounds.

We believe the Christian life is the most rewarding, demanding and fulfilling life possible.


In-person worship has resumed. We will follow the CDC and PA COVID safety policies, as we have been doing; note these have recently been revised (click here to see the Current Guidelines). Services will also be live-streamed to our Facebook page every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. (we may begin the live-stream earlier with preparatory music).

Online Services will continue to be available on Facebook. Since they will be live-streamed, they will not be available before 10:30 a.m. on Sundays. Services will also be saved on Facebook and available for viewing at any time after they end.

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Sunday school classes have not yet resumed.  Weekly Bible Study meets Wednesdays from 10:30 am to noon on Zoom. Please email the church for more information:

Excerpt from this week’s Devotional:

“But Jesus treats children (and all human beings) very differently—he treats them as people of equal worth. He beckons the children to come to him, and rebukes his disciples for trying to prevent them. Jesus sees the children as real persons of infinite value, created in the image of God. He welcomes them with open arms; he blesses them with God’s love and compassion. Jesus treats all people as equals, from rulers to outcasts to adults to children. He does the same today, as he has throughout history. As followers of Jesus we are called to treat people in the same way. God calls us to see everyone, regardless of differences, as made in the image of God. We bless everyone alike as we extend God’s love and compassion to them.”

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For more information on the pandemic, Click Here for the CDC Website.

Click here to read Pastor’s Rick’s message on the passing of Rev. Jay Zimmerman.

Click here for the link to Rev. Jay’s memorial page and obituary on the Monahan Funeral Home page.